Programming Projects


I put this material together for the fun of it. Anyone is free to use it in any manner they wish. No guarantees are made.

I enjoy programming and have been doing it for over 40 years.

I think everyone should know a little about programming; it is the future required literacy. Of course, not everyone can be an expert. However, everyone should know a little.

I put together these programming problems over several years. They currently exist as web pages, but I plan to convert them to something more portable.

The projects run the gamut from beginner to intermediate to more advanced. Some of the projects are a complete description of a problem. Some have hints or suggestions. Some are more like notes for teachers, and others are somewhere in between.

Hopefully, with some of the projects, the student will learn a little something more than programming. Programming languages are, after all, just a tool. I will admit however, as a computer geek, I just like playing with computers and programming.

There is also a section on infrastructures services (LDAP directories, databases, web servers, PKI, ...). I believe that every computer geek should know something about them. In the past, I have given one day "hands on" classes in LDAP directory and PKI. The students seem to enjoyed them and even learned something.

I apologize in advance for the errors, typos, etc. Just think of them as an exercise for the student or an obstacle to overcome.

Best of luck and I hope you enjoy the projects.
The Author

Why do These Projects

All of these projects have been done before. The purpose of these projects is to learn and practice programming. You will do things that has been done before so that, in the future, you know enough to do things no one has done before.

After finishing a project you can compare your code with someone else’s code. This process is a powerful learning method.

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A Small Rant

In the past it was said that computers will be able handle anything in the world. They will become as smart as we are. Now we see roads, culture, the way we do things, etc. being modified to fit the computer's need. Remember, general AI is just 50 years away and it has been that way for the last 50 years.